DeLonghi EcoDecalk DLSC500 Descaler 500ml – 5513296041 (3 Packs of 500ml)


  • DeLonghi Natural Coffee Maker Machine Descaler (3 x 500ml bottle)
  • Suitable for use on all coffee machines as well as DeLonghi Magnifica range, 3200 Magnifica and 3500 Magnifica
  • Product features: Non-corrosive, non-aggresive formula with no environmental impact – this descaler has an antimicroba, sanitising action thus helping to ensure the hygiene of the machine’s internal components – preserving the taste of your coffee over time. Extend the working life of your machine and leave no residue after decalcification & rinsing. After one cycle, your machine will be completely clean and re-energised – ready and safe to use.
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Delonghi EcoDecalk keeps your machine in good working order. When used regularly it will significantly prolong the life of your coffee machine by reducing breakdowns and damage. Descaling improves coffee flavour and crema as well as allowing your machine to run efficiently. Suitable for bean to cup machines, traditional espresso machines, filter coffee pots, and pod machines. Eco friendly, made with 100% lactic acid, and recyclable packaging material. Product code: DLSC500 – 5513296041 Quantity: 3 x 500ml

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