Descaling Tablets for all Tassimo Pack of 6


  • Bosch Tassimo T20 T40 T42 T43 T55 T65 T85 3107 Joy
  • Also suitable for fully automatic machines
  • Descaling Tablets, individually packed, inkl manual (English language not guaranteed)
  • The original only from the coffee factory

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Descaling tablets for Bosch Tassimo for 6 decalcifications (1 tablet per decalcification process) This product is 6 descaling tablets for all Bosch Tassimo and fully automatic coffee machines. Due to the unique composition, the tablet allows the removal of lime scale residue in almost any household device. No matter whether you de-scale when hot or cold. Many other de-scaling solutions should only be used with hot water. Not this one. Also Use the tablets to de-scale your kettle and other household appliances. Use these tablets to de-scale.- Why shouldn’t you use Pure Citric Acid (or similar acids)? Pure Citric Acid is only effective with hot water (more than 70 degrees) and at low temperature forms a protective film on the limescale deposits which in turn are more difficult to remove. Pack of 6.

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