Aluminium Foil Trays with Foil Lids 1000ML Foil Tin Pans for Takeaway, Foil Containers for Baking Cooking Freezing and Storing (20 Pack)


  • ?‍? The aluminium foil pans are the perfect size for cooking, roasting or baking in. They can be used to store food in the fridge or freezer, from putting your leftovers into the pan or cooking in them directly. They come with lids which are also silver foil which means you can write the name of the item directly on top for keeping your kitchen organised. These are ideal for takeaways, restaurants and self catering.
  • ?‍? The pans are 22cm tall and 15cm wide with a depth of 50mm. They can hold approx 1L in them and are perfect for putting into the oven. The aluminium foil trays can be heated and used in most standard ovens up to 250c and can also be frozen and placed in your freezer.
  • ?‍? The set comes with 20 containers and 20 lids! They are easy to separate and the lids are easy to place on top of the aluminium pans. The pans and lids come with hemmed edges which allows you to fold and securing close the lids on top of the pans to avoid leaks and spills.
  • ?‍? These can be disposable and recycled once you have finished using them. Some customers who want to reuse them wash and rinse them out with warm water and soap however the shape might be lost if you clean them thoroughly with a metal sponge.
  • ?‍? Warranty – This item has a 100% warranty on it! If you have any issues with the product please message us!
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