Dog Ball Launcher Hands Free Pick Up and Throw Play – Dog Ball Thrower Dog, Premium Quality Tennis Ball and Launcher Dog Toy For Dog Training & Exercise – (1Pc Long Random Colour)


  • ?1— The dog ball launcher is made of the highest quality plastic, which is not easily and quickly breakable. This dog toy is ideal for both indoor and outdoor play. At any age, a dog activity toy encourages your dog to exercise and keeps them happy.  
  • ?2— There’s no need to tie your dog down while playing with the ball launcher for dogs, and the exercise ball keeps you active and helps your bond with your pet. The dog ball thrower also launches dirty and slimy balls while keeping your hands clean.  
  • ?3— These pet toys increase your throwing abilities, and you can use them to encourage your dog to run farther and faster. Any toy ball for dogs will work with a tennis balls launcher for dogs.
  • ?4— Bending down and picking up wet treat balls might cause back and shoulder pain. This dog treat launcher is an excellent way to both entertain and bond with your dog.  
  • ?5— The dog treat toy grip makes it simple and pleasant to use, allowing you to launch the ball further and quicker. This dog enrichment toy is available in a variety of appealing colors and is long-lasting and durable.  

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?—About Our Dog Ball Launcher—? 
“When our dog is playing with his dog toy, he likes to run around and chase it.” Outdoor play with your dog is made easier with indestructible dog toys. The ball thrower dog’s grip on the end allows you to pick up and launch muddy balls without getting your hands dirty. This gives you the ability to throw the ball further than normal. It encourages your puppy to get some exercise, and there’s no better way to get some activity than to play fetch. Dogs love to chase and run around while playing with puppy toys, and this activity is a great way to keep them happy at any age. The attractive colour of the dog balls will draw the dog’s interest in pet games. The unbreakable dog toys cause the ball to bounce in a random direction, attracting your pet’s interest and allowing them to train their chasing and hunting skills.  
?Features 1— Dog & Puppy treats. 2— Dog toys for boredom. 3— Dog accessories. 4— Puppy training. 5— Dog toys for large dogs.  

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