Dust Bags for Hoover Telios Vacuum Cleaners


  • Dust Bags For Hoover Vacuum Cleaners.
  • Double Filtered Paper Vacuum Bags
  • Fits Models: Hoover Telios Sensory & Arrianne Vacuum Cleaners
  • Quantity: Pack Of 5 Bags
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Fits Models> T2200/10, T2300/05/10/11, T2400/05/25/35/40,T2555,T4300/10, T4400/05/10/12/20/30, T4500/14/36/46, T5404, T5500/03/15, T5600/03/04/10/25/36/37, T5702/03/15, T6715/6735, TS1623/1724/1828/1844/2046 KITT5609/6,T2200 001,T2212,T2300,T2300 011,T2305001,T2309, T2309 011,T2310 001,T2311 005,T2312 018,T2333 019,T2400, T2400 011,T2405 001,T2411,T2411 011,T2412 011,T2412 018,T2420, T2420 011,T2420 019,T2421 011,T2424019,T2425001,T2440018,T2450, T2450011,T2451,T2451011,T2506011,T2507,T2507011,T2515011,T2530, T2530 011,T2530 019,T2532 011,T2534 011,T2605 001,T2615 011,T2620, T2620 011,T2620 019,T2621 011,T2622 011,T2705 001,T2740 011, T2740 021,T2755 001,T4300 001,T4400 001,T4405 001,T4410 001, T4420 001,T4428 061,T4430 002,T4444 061,T4514 001,T4534/7 011, T4534/7 019,T4535,T4535/7 011,T4535/7 019,T4535/7 021, T4535/7 031,T4536 001,T4543 001,T4546 001,T5404 001,T5503 001, 5503/4 011,T5510 001,T5510 019,T5510/4 011,T5510/5 011,T5515 001, T5516 011,T5521 061,T5521/6 011,T5525,T5525/6 011,T5525/6 099, T5603 001,T5604 001,T5605 001,T5607 011,T5608/6 021,T5609/6 099, T5610 001,T5610 011,T5610/7 011,T5610/7 019,T5610/7 021, T5610/7 099,T5618,T5618/7 001,T5620 001,T5620/7 011,T5620/7 019, T5620/7 021,T5620/7 031,T5620/7 MR,T5620/7 R19,T5620/7 R21, T5625 001,T5636 001,T5636/7 001,T5640 011,T5702 001,T5702 011, T5703 001,T5707 021,T5710 011,T5710 019,T5710 099,T5711 011, T5713 011,T5715 001,T5716 011,T5718 001,T5721 019,T5725 011, T5728 001,T5730 037,T5731 019,T5731 021,T5732 001,T5732 011, T5732 021,T5735 011,T5745 011,T5752 001,T5753 001,T5755 001, T5756 011,T5756 021,T5770 011,T5770 021,T5777 001,T5778 001, T5805 001,T5852 001,T5878,T5878 001,TC2885 011,TC2990 011, TC3202 001,TC3206 011,TC3206 021,TC3667 019,TC3777 019, TC3867 019,TC4268 019,TC5213 001,TCO205 019,TP6206 001, TP6208 021,TP6210 011,TP6210 021,TP6212 019,TP6214 011,TP6215 011,

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Weight 0.01 kg



‎24.8 x 15.6 x 5.8 cm; 10 Grams