Eider Digital Voltmeter Fence & Battery Tester Black


  • Electric fence tester and battery tester in 1
  • Digital Voltmeter fence and battery tester – 

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Electric Fence Tester and battery tester combined in a handy device for the digital voltmeter from the Eider Country devices GmbH fusing two frequently used functions in one device, allowing you to check the voltage on your fence and at the same time that of your battery Little A handy helper indicates voltage values like 1000 – to 12 000 volts correctly and stock fencing helps you to the routine control your fence system as well as the battery of your device. As you only need to add a device to provide the best Hütes I Erheit of your willow your fence. To check the tension please press the button for heavy Features with digital display and battery tester in 1 Electric Fence Tester for the searching for defects in your fence to check the battery voltage Displays Exact Voltage values of 1000 – 12 000 volts for not a Schätz Iron with flashing lights but professional equipment with 9 volt block battery 100% Brand New.: Simple Measurements of 9/12 V batteries the polarity (+/ – ), when the scales does not please note Package Contents: 1 x fence and battery checker Digital Voltmeter, 1 x Imitation Leather Case 1 x 9 volt block battery 1 x Measuring cable Battery’Information on the battery directive: relating to the sale of batteries we are obliged to you according to remind the battery directive of the following: batteries must not be disposed of in your household waste. It can be used as end are obliged to ordnungsgemäßen disposal of used batteries. Each retail outlet of batteries is committed to used batteries. Where you can hang the the batteries free. It allows the batteries even in a sufficient if package send it back to us. Batteries are available with the symbol that contain harmful substances, a Durchkreuzten, wheelie bin, identical or similar to the picture. Under the wheelie bin symbol is the chemical name of the Schadstoffes: “CD” = Cadmium “PB” = lead “Hg = Mercury sending you will find this information also again in the accompanying Guinness World Records Paper The items or in the manufacturer’s operating instructions (cannot guarantee instructions are in English).

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