Enervit Sport IsoCarb 2:1 Isotonic Drink Powder, 650g


  • Enervit Sport ISOCARB 2:1 Is an Isotonic Drink formula Based on Maltodextrin DE1 And Fructose (2:1 RATIO)
  • Source of Sodium & Vitamin B1
  • No Artificial Flavouring, Colours or Sweeteners
  • Natural Subtle Lemon Flavour
  • Includes Limited Edition Team UAE Bottle

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There is an increasing awareness around the nutritional strategies of athletes. A top strategy must consider the objectives, characteristics, and needs of the individual athlete, both in training and in competition. The ENERVIT NUTRITION SYSTEM accompanies and supports athletes with personalised integration plans based on a carbohydrate intake rate calibrated by the intensity and duration of the activity. DURATION Duration: Up to 2 Hours The recommended intake is 30 g of CARBOHYDRATES PER HOUR taken with fluid (500 ml / h) and a source of sodium to maintain hydration and avoid a drop in performance. DURATION > 2 HOURS Duration: Up to 2 Hours The recommended intake is 60 g of CARBOHYDRATES PER HOUR, in addition to hydration. DURATION > 3 HOURS Duration: Up to 3 Hours The requirements may exceed 60 g of CARBOHYDRATES PER HOUR. Our body can absorb up to 90 g of CARBOHYDRATES PER HOUR only if the carbohydrate mixtures comprise a 2:1 ratio of GLUCOSE:FRUCTOSE. A supply of 90 g of CARBOHYDRATES PER HOUR requires specific food training and habit building. Therefore, it is only recommended for high-level athletes and professionals. Regardless of absorption rates, anyone can benefit from a source of fast assimilation carbohydrates MALTODEXTRIN DE1 AGENANOVA Maltodextrin DE1 has a very high molecular weight and is extremely soluble and tasteless. The advantage of AGENANOVAR over other energy sources such as glucose or canonical maltodextrins is twofold: 1. It provides 60 g of carbohydrates with a 2:1 ratio of glucose/fructose in 500 ml while maintaining isotonic concentration. 2. It reduces the impact on gastric emptying that often occurs at high concentrations and provides energy within a short timeframe while limiting possible gastrointestinal issues.
Maltodextrine DE1 AGENANOVA® (66%) – Fructose (31%) – Acid: citric acid – Sodium chloride – Natural lemon flavouring – Thiamin hydrochloride. May contain milk, soybeans, eggs.

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