Envision Premium Teeth Polisher and Stain Remover 5 Speed Blue Electric Toothbrush and Teeth Cleaner kit | Sonic Brush Head | 4 attachments, Whitens Teeth Turns Teeth Yellow to Dazzling White


  • ✅ STAIN REMOVER: Polisher head vibrates on the surface of your teeth using cutting edge precision technology, softly brightening your teeth. Remove all the yellow stains formed on the surface of your enamel whilst keeping it beautiful and safe. Cleaner whiter teeth in no time.
  • ✅ POWERFUL PROFESSIONAL CLEANING: Coming with it are 2 Sonic toothbrush heads with 30000 micro-brushes per minute. Live a Blessed life with healthy gums and oral health, so spend less time at the dentist and more time doing the things you love.
  • ✅ CLEANER TEETH: Build up of bacteria causes long lasting bad breath even after brushing your teeth. Teeth cleaner head removes build-up of bacteria in between your teeth making your teeth healthier and studier in the future as well as keeping your breath fresh at all times.
  • ✅ LED 5 INTENSITY MODES: Smart technology multilevel intensities ranging from Low intensity to High intensity suited to your preference. Smart memory keeps and switches to the last speed used upon turning on.
  • ✅ SUPER LONG BATTERY LIFE: One charging life lasts to 200 uses which is also supported by USB charging. Great for travel, just take it with you with an adapter to charge, plug it in and your good to go.

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✅Save your trips to the dentist, deep cleaning of your teeth and tongue has never been done easier.
Turn your teeth lightening bright with our polisher head, unlike many other electric toothbrushes we have come with a special attachment that allows you to instantly and smoothly whiten the shade of your teeth. 

✅Stop teeth decay and gum disease :
Bacteria builds up in our mouth from the different types of foods and drinks we consume it is not taken care of daily this may cause bacteria to build up on the surface of your teeth causing bad breath and may eventually lead to tooth decay or gum disease. Daily and effective cleaning is a must and with the teeth cleaner attachment you are able to safely remove all the rock solid bad bacteria forming between your teeth. It is up to you to take teeth cleaning more seriously.
✅45 degree angle mirror: 
Have you ever brushed the back of your teeth properly? Have you ever wondered what they look like? With the 45 degree mirror you are no able to carefully clean your teeth whilst knowing what you are doing every-step of the way.
We guarantee safe usage and offer 5 different vibration speed intensities. From Low speed to High speed we have it covered. Safely remove those stains that have been bothering you for years whilst protecting your enamel. Enjoy nights out, smile and talk with confidence.

?Usage for the 2 teeth cleaner heads is recommended at a maximum of 8 usages a month ranging from 5minutes to 10minutes each use. Only with patience and persistence will the results come, typically ranging between 1 week and 1 month depending on the size and sturdiness of your plaque and surface.➡️ Please Visit wwwsionbright for the instructions you need.

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