Equine Synergy Senior Wellbeing + For the Best Health & Condition In Your Aging Horse, With Nutrients Critical for Veterans


  • Enriched with Pro-biotics for gut health, nutrient absorption and digestive support which is often compromised in senior horses
  • Contains all natural rosehips and MSM for freer movement, healthy joints, ligaments and tendons… key components of mobility in older horses
  • Contains all the essential Amino Acids for bolstering immunity plus improving topline & condition, which can be difficult to maintain in senior horses
  • Anti-inflammatories to help control pain and swelling, both acute & chronic as many veteran horses suffer with joint ailments and stiffness
  • Rich in B vitamins & Vitamin C for improved liver, kidney and organ function. As horses age their organs are not as efficient, so supplementation will help the organs maintain optimal performance
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With a sound nutritional program, many horses can enjoy normal activities well into their senior years. Senior Wellbeing+ helps alleviate the stiffness and discomfort associated with aging. It also assists digestion to help your senior horse to maintain condition and keep on both weight and musculature. Veteran horses also need antioxidants and amino acids to support healthy tissue and to bolster their immune health.

Like humans, horses have a range of nutritional challenges as they age. Senior Wellbeing+ strives to meet those challenges..cal issues that can NOT simply be met with a balancer. Senior Wellbeing+ is the ideal choice for an ageing horse, so that he can be pain free, maintain healthy condition and continue to have an active life.

With Senior Wellbeing+ we hope to ensure that your horse can live the longest, happiest, most comfortable life well into his golden years.
1 month’s supply at maintenance

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