‘EuroF Irany ZAS/Sandy/B with Bräz Curtain Fabric, Curtain 140 x 250 x 0.3 cm


  • Modern and elegant
  • Perfect as a window decoration in any room. Easy to care for.
  • Easy mounting with eyelets
  • It is available in various colours
  • International Express shipping available
  • 30 day easy returns
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The gorgeous exclusive curtains are fantastic for any room – they will blend perfectly with different styles and arrangements in your home. They are simple, but look very elegant and high quality, because the fabric is smooth and high. If your home is furnished in a modern, classic or glamorous style, then this chic curtain will certainly add a touch of understated uniqueness. They decorate your rooms beautifully and protect against unwanted eyes from the outside. However, they are definitely not darkening. Assembly is very easy – eight incorporated metal eyelets make hanging and hanging the product quick and easy. In addition, they are easy to maintain. Colour recommendation: the ultimate colour for interior décor – white – it is universally applicable, simple and always in. It doesn’t get more classic. It matches all other colours and will brighten up any room and make it friendly. In addition, it will bring out the colours with which it will be combined more. Brown is a colour that looks natural and cosy. It can be classically combined with white, black and all earth tones. It looks beautiful with gentle shades of green, blue tones and e.g. berry tones. With wooden furniture and other colours, you can make brown rustic or modern.

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Weight 1.0067 kg





‎140 x 250 x 0.3 cm; 491 Grams