Fire Sense Full Length Outdoor Patio Heater Vinyl Cover | Heavy 10 Gauge Felt Lined Black Vinyl | Waterproof | Weather Resistant | Zipper and Fabric Ties Included


  • This tall outdoor heater cover will surely cover your standing patio heater.
  • This outdoor cover is made from heavy duty black vinyl.
  • This vinyl covering is weather resistant and waterproof.
  • The vinyl cover features a front zipper for easy access to the patio heater.
  • This heater cover is lined with felt on the inside to prevent scratches.
  • International Express shipping available
  • 30 day easy returns
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Protect your patio heater in all seasons with this Full Length Outdoor Patio Heater Cover by Fire Sense.
This propane patio heater cover is made from heavy duty 10 gauge black vinyl. This will ensure that your patio heater is protected and at the same time, there are no possible scratches on its surface. The propane heater cover is lined with felt ensuring that your patio heater is always protected, no matter what the season.
Due to its vinyl construction, this cover is waterproof and weather resistant. It will ensure that your patio heater is protected, come hail or storm. The best part about this gas heater cover is that it will provide full coverage to your standing patio heater and helps elongate the life of your patio heater.
This Fire Sense patio heater cover zips open and close with ease and allows for easy removal. After buying this cover, you will no longer have to worry about keeping an eye out for the clouds and can simply put the cover on and forget about it. This allows you peace of mind and also means you do not have to search for space in your house every time it rains.
The waterproof patio heater cover with zipper also protects your patio heater from dust and keeps it cleaner for longer, thus keeping it shiny, attractive, and looking like new.

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Weight 1.76 kg

Fire Sense


‎91.44 x 91.44 x 238.76 cm; 1.59 Kilograms