Funkeys Starter Pack – Scratch and Twinx


  • U.Bey Starter Set
  • UB Funkey Hub connects you to Funkey Town, comes with two Funkey characters who can unlock different games and zones around Funkey Town
  • Collect them all!!
  • Age 8 years +
  • International Express shipping available
  • 30 day easy returns
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Welcome to Funkeys Town! The greatest city throughout all of Terrapinia, FunKeys Town is home to the FunKeys. Funkeys are fun loving creatures who love to create their own funky styles! FunKeys are always designing new games, traveling to new lands, and creating fun things to trade with each other love of fun and exploration led to the creation of the portals. Powered by a series of Crystal Gems, the portals gave the Funkeys freedom to move throughout the land at will. A guild of master technicians, under the guidance of the great Dr. Tinker, saw to the creation and maintenance of this portal system, and made sure it operated safely. That was until the GREAT DISASTER!Explore Funkeys Town and beyond! See the sights, play the games and discover all of the secrets that Terrapinia has to reveal!;THE GREAT DISASTEROne day a series of spectacular explosions rocked FunKeys Town, destroying the main portal station, and shattering the Crystal Gems into bits lost in the explosion was Dr. Tinker, whose remains were never found. He is believed to have been working on the main portal station when the explosion occurred. Because the portals were open at the time, the explosions spread to many of the stations. All Funkeys regret the loss of our Chief Engineer, Dr. Tinker since the Great Disaster the Portals have not all operated properly. A great deal of Magic was released when the Crystal Gems shattered. Magic that is unpredictable at best. Recovery has been slow. There is barely enough power to keep any of the portals operating. It was during this period of chaos that Master Lox mysteriously appeared and began stealing from the population through his Henchmen. Using his vile powers, Master Lox locked the remaining functioning portals, as well as certain doors, restricting where a FunKey can travel in Terrapinia. May vary from that illustrated.

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