Delay Off Relay Module 10-16V 12V DC Time Relay Module Double Pole Double Throw DPDT 2 Channel Output Timer Switch for Water/Air Interruption Monitoring


  • ➤Power-off delay disconnection, there is signal – ON, no signal – delay OFF.
  • ➤Double output contacts.
  • ➤Each channel maximum current is 5A.
  • ➤Adjustable time range 0-30/0-300 and time unit second/minute.
  • ➤Rotate the adjustable resistor to setup delay time.
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Specification: Item Type: Delay Off Relay Module Voltage: 12V DC (10-16V) Power Consumption: <1.0W Output: Passive Output (dry contact), two sets of relay NO + NC output. Do not exceed 5A in each group. Life: 100,000 actions Input: Voltage signal, valid signal above 1.5V, current needs at least 0.1mATerminal V+: Power supply + GND: Power supply -, also the reference GND for the signal voltage IN: Signal voltage input, low level below 1V, high level above 1.5V, and uncertainty in the middle. Withstands up to 30V NO1: Relay NO contact 1 NC1: Relay NC contact 1 COM1: Relay contact common terminal 1 NO2: Relay NO contact 2 NC2: Relay NC contact 2 COM2: Relay contact common terminal 2Time Range Setting: When the selector switch is set to 30 position, it means that 0-30 is adjustable When the selector switch is set to the 300 position, it means that 0-300 is adjustable Time Value Adjustment: Turn the adjustable resistor counterclockwise to decrease the time and clockwise to increase the time Time Unit Setting : When the selector switch is set to the Sec position, the unit is: second When the selector switch is set to the Min position, the unit is: minute Example: Requires a delay of 50 minutes: 1. Set time range at 300 position 2. Set time unit at Min position 3. Adjust the adjustable resistor to the 50 positionication:  Use with limit switch and induction switch to achieve: 1. Automatically close the door after timeout 2. Assembly line product interruption monitoring 3. Water/air flow interruption monitoringPackage List: 1 x Delay Relay Module

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