just be… Microfibre Wave Beach Travel Towel – Blue XX Large 200 x 90cm


  • ULTRA COMPACT & SPACE SAVING – Microfibre towels compact down to: 21cm x 18cm (Medium) 24cm x 21cm (Large) and come in a breathable just be… zip case. The towel can then be transported extremely easily and with minimal room taken up in any bag or suitcase.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT – Microfibres are smaller than 1 denier (a strand of silk is approximately 1 denier) so this makes our towels the lightest available making it an ideal travel companion to the gym, hot yoga, swimming, football, camping, travelling, festivals or the beach (Medium: 230g Large: 340g).
  • RAPID DRY – The microfibre towel can be touch dry in minutes due to its rapid dry anti odour fibres. If used on a beach one quick shake can also dispel all sand making for a handy holiday towel.
  • HIGHLY WATER ABSORBANT AND ANTI SAND – Using microfibre technology the just be… towel is able to absorb large amounts of surface water with only the need for contact with the skin required. This, along with the soft and smooth nature of microfibre, makes it a perfect towel for babies and toddlers too.
  • CARRY CASE AND CARE – All towels are supplied in a colour matching breathable zip carry case. Towels can be washed at 30° and can be air dried quickly.
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The just be… microfibre travel towel range. Our revolutionary microfibre towels are lightweight, compact and fast drying making them a convenient companion for the gym, hot yoga, swimming, travelling, camping trips, the beach or lazing by the pool. Their soft, touch absorbent nature also makes them ideal for drying toddlers and babies. Being extremely compact makes the towels space efficient and take up very little room in a bag, ruck sack, suitcase, handbag or briefcase. The lightweight nature of the fibers mean almost no obvious weight is added to your luggage or bag. The combination of ultrafine synthetic fibres give a softness to the touch (while remaining tough and durable) and allows for high water absorption levels and unlike traditional towels the microfibre towels work by simply coming into contact with skin rather than using a rubbing motion. The added bonus of using microfibre is that it has a rapid drying time. The towel can be touch dry within minutes, making them less prone than cotton towels to becoming stale if not dried immediately. They are also perfect for beach use as 1 simple shake can dispel every grain of sand. Available in a range of colours and sizes and being supplied with a handy airing bag, the Just be… microfibre towel range is a must for those on the go. Sizes: Large: 130cm x 80cm Extra Large: 180cm x 90cm Folded/Compact Size: Large: 18cm x 21cm x 3cm Extra Large: 21cm x 23cm x 3cm

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