Beaphar King British Algae, Wafer with IHB, 100 g


  • For Catfish, Plecostomus and other algae eaters
  • Contains spirulina, 45% protein and vitamin C
  • With unique IHB to aid fish health
  • Sinking, water stable formula

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A complete food presented as dark-green discs approximately 15mm in diameter. Developed to meet the nutritional needs of all bottom-feeding algae eaters, including Corydoras, Loaches and Plecs, they have been designed to sink and provide a balanced diet. The wafers contain 45% protein, Vitamin C and our unique IHB ‘Immuno Health Booster’ to aid fish health. Designed to remain stable in the water for up to three hours, allowing grazing fish to take their time to eat the food.

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King British