【LOSCHEN】 Stainless Steel Bidet Sprayer kit for Toilet,Hand Held Sprayer Shattaf Toilet Attachment for Pet Bath/Personal Hygiene/Bathroom/Closestool, Easy to Install


  • 【High-quality material】 The main body is made of 304 stainless steel, which is lead-free, environmentally friendly and durable surface is brushed process, simple and stylish appearance with a sense of high quality, and the plating is not easy to fall off. It is not easy to corrode in a humid environment, and the surface is long-lasting bright.
  • 【Booster spray gun】Strongly pressurized water discharge, smooth water discharge and strong cleaning force. It is cleaner and more convenient than wiping with toilet paper!
  • 【Smooth operation without leaking】Adopts precision ceramic valve with high hardness to ensure smooth and long-lasting work of the handleth and labor-saving operation ensures that the faucet drips without leaking the same time high temperature resistance, stable performance.
  • 【Accessories】Universal four-point interface; 1.5m stainless steel hose. Retractable elastic tube with double-row buckle design elasticity, built-in anti-tangle inner tube.
  • 【Application】This clean gynecological douche sprayer kit is perfect for personal hygiene, pet showers, Muslim showers or baby cloth washing, and is especially suitable for mothers-to-be. Whether you need to prevent hemorrhoids or use an intimate cleaning solution, this high-quality douche kit will meet your needs.

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-Reducing reliance on tissues-Nowadays, many families have started using bidet. Compared with paper towels, it is more hygienic and clean. It helps to reduce itching and irritation of the skin. And the constant wiping with toilet paper may also cause minor trauma. Moreover, it’s more environmentally friendly to use a bidet! Reducing dependence on paper towels can slow down the rate of felling trees you want to switch to a more cost-effective and nature-friendly alternative, we have the perfect solution for you our bidet sprayer for toilet. -Installation Precautions- (1) Flush the dirty water, residue, sand and impurities in the water pipe before installing the faucet, so as not to block.(2) Faucet and hot and cold water pipes must be installed correctly, facing the faucet, the right side of the cold water.(3) Check the installation dimensions, do not install forcibly so as not to damage the product parts.(4) Regularly scrub the surface with cleaning agents to keep the surface clean. Do not use any abrasive cleaner, hard cloth or steel wool, and any acid, rough cleaner or soap to clean the surface of the faucet. -Warm reminder- Before the product leaves the factory, conduct a water test to ensure that the faucet does not leak. The surface has been wiped clean, such as faucet has residual water, belongs to the normal phenomenon. Only a single spout, can not be both hot cold water at the same time.

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