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  • Hope you made the bed boyo, ‘cause when you use Bristles Beard Balm, expect company. Smuggled out of the clink, it’s a must-have beard conditioner balm for men. It’ll bless your bearded mug with deep moisturizing, conditioning and softening. Makin’ it a cinch to manage your chin n’ cheek whiskers. You could say it’s criminal how good you’ll look. And you wouldn’t be wrong.
  • Beard care or bust: When I put me name on it, it gets the job done. Me beard care balm is designed to tame, hydrate and sculpt your hairy situation. It’s got a secret formula of oils that keep the moisture in and soften your beard hair for smooth stylin’. And it reduces itchiness and beardruff on the skin beneath. Nasty stuff that beardruff. Just remember to carry a stick, ‘cause you’ll need it to beat the dames off of ya.
  • Natural beard balm made from the blood, sweat and the tears of me enemies i: like me balm how I like me ladies: two for one. It acts as a beard styling wax and beard conditioner combined. Usin’ the beard softener balm in the mornin’ will give your beard the nutrition it needs to stay radiant and smooth. Makin’ it easy to slide into her DM’s. That’s what the kids say innit?
  • One mens beard balm to rule’em all: Always remember your beard walks into a room before you do. You want it soft and smooth, but never crunchy or stiff. I don’t want the stiffs anywhere near my balm, got it? The moldable texture of me mens beard balm will make it nice and easy to brush and style in the mornin’. They say nothin’ comes easy, but THEY ain’t never run with Mobsters, boyo.
  • Boss level beard balm: Do yourself a favor and don’t neglect your beard. Sure, you’re a tough guy, but give it some gentle care and nourishment. Toughest bloke I ever knew smashed heads, sure, but he always treated the hairy baby seal on his face with love. My formula don’t have no dangerous synthetics, artificial colors, fillers, or chemicals that can rip the moisture outta your beard hair and skin. I like to leave all of the rippin’ for those who did me wrong. And the list is long my friend.
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It takes more than just a “regular trimming” to keep your beard healthy and conditioned. We’re not talkin’ about your lawn here, we’re talkin’ about your face. I learned to maintain my beard from a long line of Mobsters, even hairier than me. Like Charlie The Chin and Gary The Gorilla-Faced Goon. Mobsters Beard Styling Balm is rich with natural, nourishing and moisturizing ingredients. Treat your beard to the pampering you didn’t get from your foster parents. Me natural beard balm will leave your hair soft, smooth and well-groomed. Your skin underneath will be replenished without gettin’ itchy or irritated, thanks to all the hydrating oils. ‘Cause when you go out, you may as well go out in style. Multipurpose formula: Moisturizes & conditions skin & beard in the safest way. I only take the safety off after I leave the house. Hydrates the skin and locks the moisture. I know a thing or two about gettin’ locked up. Gives your beard a sleek and shiny look. Burn bright and hotter than your mates. Helps reduce itchiness and dandruff. No woman ever said, “I wanna shag the itchy one.” Provides volume and texture to your facial hair. You can’t be ignored when you turn the volume up. Greatly improves beard health. What do you got without your health, eh? Features: Our beard itch conditioner balm will give you a smell she can’t ignore. Classic, subtle and masculine that’ll last for hours. The compact packaging makes it your go-to grooming option while traveling. For when you gotta go on the lam. Easy to use. Take a small amount of our beard balm and rub it gently in your fingers and spread it through your beard and mustache. We don’t like nothin’ complicated here at Mobsters. Our beard balm is simple, effective and looks to kill. Makes a great gift for someone special in your life. Friends, family members, the bearded lady, whoever needs it.

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