“N/A” ZACUDA 4 Pcs Air Valve Boston Valve Inflatable Boat Spiral Air Plugs One-way Universal Fit Kayak Valve Anti-leakage Inflatable Boat Bungs Raft Valve Replacement kit for Rubber Dinghy Raft,Kayak


  • ✔【Complete Kayak Valve Accessories】:This product set contains 4 bonnets with upper diameter of 22 mm (outer) / 17 mm (inner) and lower diameter of 22 mm (outer) / 20 mm (inner),and 4 screw air valve rubber gaskets with an upper diameter of 42 mm (outer) / 22 mm (inner) and a lower diameter of 38 mm (outer) / 22 mm (inner). A complete set of kayak valve accessories can meet the daily use and replacement of valves.
  • ✔【High-quality ABS & Anti-corrosion & Durable】:This kind of Boston valve is made of high-quality ABS material,which has the characteristics of high hardness, wear resistance, resistance to deformation, and durability high-quality ABS material also can make this kind of Boston valve have good corrosion resistance,so that even if it is used in a humid environment such as the sea for a long time, it will not be easily corroded.
  • ✔【One-way Inflation Valve & Quick Inflation】:The inflation valve of this kind of Boston valve is used a single valve design. The one-way valve can help to inflate the kayak more quickly,which can ensure that the air directly enters the kayak without air backflow, so that it can effectively improve the inflation efficiency addition,by the inflation valve, you can also quickly check whether the kayak is leaking to ensure safe travel.
  • ✔【Screw Bonnet & Anti-leakage】:The cap of this kind of Boston valve is used a deep thread screw cap design with the diameter of the thread on the bonnet is 22mm, the height of the threaded part is 18mm The clear deep thread can increase the friction and provide a good bite force to ensure the sealing of the valve cover sealed valve cover can play a better role of effectively prevent gas leakage in the kayak.
  • ✔【Easy to Install & Simple to Use】:This kind of Boston valve can be easily installed into a kayak hole of approximately 20 mm/0.78 inch. After installation, unscrew the valve cap on the nut plug to inflate, and the entire nut plug can be unscrewed to quickly deflate after the inflation is completed, the rubber pad at the bottom will automatically fit the edge of the kayak to effectively prevent the kayak from leaking.
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ZACUDA ABS One Way Air Valve Caps for Inflatables Boston Valve Replacement Kit —An excellent valve accessory for kayak with double leak-proof design. ❥❥Double Leak Proof The bottom of this Boston valve has a soft and durable rubber pad,which has good toughness, so that it can be tightly attached to the kayak, and together with the screw bonnet, it has a double leak-proof function. ❥❥Anti-slip Design The nut plug of this Boston valve has a vertical stripe design, which can increase friction to effectively prevent fingers from slipping valve cover is also a curved quadrilateral, which is fit the fingers,so that it can be more convenient to apply force. ❥❥Anti-lost Design The valve cover of this Boston valve is connected with the nut plug, which can effectively prevent the loss of the valve cover. And the connection is detachable,so that you can choose according to the specific situation. ❥❥Excellent Kayak Accessories This product set contains four Boston valves with screw air valve design. The characteristics of easy to install and replace,so that it is very suitable as a standard replacement part for Boston valves such as inflatable boats, rafts, and kayaks,which make It an excellent kayak accessory. ❥❥Practical Gift This is an excellent inflatable boat accessory so that it is a very practical gift choice for kayak fishing and kayaking lovers a practical gift can be impressive. ❦Specifications Material:Plastic Size: Thread Diameter 22mm Color:Black Weight: 140g ❦Packing Includes: 4*Boston Valve&4*Rubber Mat ◆Note: Please confirm the size before buying. Any problems you feel unsatisfied with your purchase, please feel free to contact us. We’ll try our best to make it right.

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