NBS SPRANG-12 MONTHS SUPPLY – Septic Tank Bacteria Treatment for Septic Tanks, Cesspit & Cesspools – Septic Tank Treatment


  • Billions of 100% natural septic tank bacteria & enzymes helps in the break-down of septic waste to avoid back-up problems
  • Free-flowing septic tanks, no back-up, no mess, no spill
  • 12 months supply, 12 pre-measured sachets, completely bio-degradable
  • Treats approx 3000 gallon tanks. Simply flush soluble sachet down the toilet
  • Safe for all septic tanks and plumbing
  • International Express shipping available
  • 30 day easy returns
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NBS SPRANG – An Effective Septic Tank Bacteria Treatment.
NBS SPRANG is a biological treatment for septic tanks and drain systems. The product includes a balanced combination of enzymes, micro-organisms and nutrients. This combined action of components liquefies and removes starch, cellulose and grease. Effective break down of incoming waste reduces the frequency of septic tank cleaning or emptying.
A properly functioning system is odour free with no incidences of flooding or backups in basins or shower areas. Many washing and cleaning products used around the house alter the bio media in the septic tanks by killing off the friendly microorganisms essential for the breakdown of effluent or waste water. These products include disinfectants, bleach and detergents. Favourable bacteria also die off under very hot or very cold conditions.
The billions of bacterium in NBS SPRANG are capable of digesting oils, fats, soaps, proteins and grease as well as breaking down the chemicals found in the household cleaning agents. This bacterium colonises the tanks or cesspits with regular treatment and gives you free flowing, odourless drains.

Use 1 sachet per month
Application Procedure: Drop the sachet into the toilet bowl that is nearest to your septic tank system. Wait until it dissolves then flush the toilet.

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