Optocoupler Relay Module Board Optocoupler Relay Module with 8 Channel High & Low Trigger 5V/12V/24V(12V)


  • Excellent performance: Optocoupler adopts patch optocoupler isolation, strong driving ability and stable performance. The trigger current is 5mA.
  • Operation guide: The working voltage of the module is 5V, 12V, 24V for selection. Power indicator (green), 8-way relay status indicator (red).
  • Simple to use: Each path of the module can be triggered by a high level or a low level through jumper settings, with low energy consumption.
  • Fault-tolerant design: Even if the control line is disconnected, the relay will not move, ensuring your safety, please use it with confidence.
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Specification:Weight: 118g/4.2oz Common interface load: AC 250V/10A, DC 30V/10A Module Size (L*W*H): 141.5*50*18.5mm/5.6*2*0.7inch Bolt Hole: 3.1 mm; 136*44.5mm (spacing) Voltage: 5V, 12V, 24V (Optional) Module interface: 1. DC+ : connect to the positive pole of the power supply (5V.9V. 2. DC- : connect to the power negative pole 3. In1-in8: according to the setting of each circuit, the corresponding relay can be controlled with high or low level to suck in Relay output terminal: there are 24 wire interfaces, all interfaces can be directly connected to lead, convenient for users to use 1. NO1–NO8: the relay normally opens the interface, and the relay is suspended before it is sucked in, and then it is connected with COM short after it is sucked in; 2. COM1–COM8: relay common interface; 3. NC1–NC8: relay normally closed interface. The relay is short connected with COM before it is sucked in and suspended after it is sucked in. High and low level trigger selection terminal: 1. S1-S8 is the high-low level trigger selection of relay 1-8 channels successively; 2. Com and low short connection, the corresponding relay for low level trigger, com and high short connection for high level triggerage List: 1 x Relay Module

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