Panto Peanut 1 kg, Pack of 1 x 1 Kg


  • For different types of bird
  • Important energy and fat supplier
  • 100% Peanuts

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The free live birds can be modified environmental conditions many natural food sources have gone. Meanwhile, it is scientifically proven that all year round feeding to reduce bird protection helps gain not only the type of now protects, but also to the maintenance of range of varieties a always higher Important Role. If you don’t do not all year round feeding, if you do not forget to in time September – October start from the very first fallen snow, so that the animals accustomed to the feeding area. We recommend a lining right down to the late spring in, as it is area for their needs at the time in nature do not food is in. The feeders should be cleaned on a regular basis and Verdorbenen leftover food from. The birds Trust Your Help.

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Weight 1.0624 kg