Philips QG3250/32 7-in-1 Multigroom Grooming Kit


  • 7 in 1 Multi Groomer
  • Sharper edges provides an improved cutting performance for faster and better results
  • Rounded trimmer tip’s prevents scratching on the skin and provide the ultimate body comfort
  • Rechargeable cordless 10-hour charge for up to 35 minutes of cordless operation
  • Wet & Dry. Washable attachments for fast and convenient cleaning.
  • International Express shipping available
  • 30 day easy returns
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If there is one thing that matters to women it is details, Its why they just can’t help straightening men’s ties or removing bits of lint from jacket shoulders and why they are not so keen seeing a man with anything less than a perfect groomed look. The perfect gift for dad, husband, boyfriend or son So if you don’t want to fail on the finer points of grooming make sure the Philips QG3250 7 in 1 grooming kit is on your Christmas wish-list. Get and maintained the perfect look you want. Philips multigroom provides you the superior performance and skin-friendly trimmer for complete men’s styling. Philips QC3250 7 in 1 grooming kit is designed to create any style you want with excellent precision, giving you that sense of pride with a perfect result.
When it comes to creating a new look, there is no easier way than experimenting with facial hair. However despite the fact that facial hair styling are such obvious ways for us to bring individuality to our look, many of us do not know hoe to achieve the styles that we want ot what tool to use for the job.
Philips had responded to our needs by providing a complete set of grooming tools, designed to enable us to experiment with different styles and tackle new face grooming techniques with confidence. This grooming kit aims to give us the right attachments for any facial hair styling job from stubble to clean shave. From chin strap to circle beard, the seven different attachement can help us to create any style with unprecedented precision.
Making sure you get an even stubble with perfection. Make sure your stubble is the perfect length for your own personal style with the Philips QG3250. Using the full size trimmer without a comb results in a smooth stubble look.
Create any style you want with precision. The secret to a striking beard style is in the small details. With the included precision trimmer on the Philips QG3250, you’ll be able to shape your beard for your own unique look. Neatly trim side burns, under and above lips for a sharp finish, or try something a little more wild – the choice is yours. With the precision trimmer, you’ll always be in control of your own personal style.
Nine length settings to trim your facial hair exactly as you want. Choosing how short you cut couldn’t be simpler. It’s easy to select and set your desired hair length by pulling the comb up and down. No swapping out shaving heads – you have total control with the positioning of the comb. Not sure how short the cut is going to be? Don’t worry – the length settings are always clearly visible on the side of the combs.
Sometimes you know exactly how short you want your beard, sometimes you want to be able to experiment. With the Philips QG3250 it’s easy to cut your beard accurately, whether you know the length you want, or if you want to try something different. The Philips 7 in 1 grooming kit comes with nine length settings to keep your hair neat and styled. The length settings are always clearly visible on the side of the combs
To finish your beard style, enjoy the use of the mini shaver, which finishes edges with a close shave results.
To trim unwanted hairs in an easy and pain free way.
Each attachment sports the revolutionary Philips micro blade technology, which houses blades that are sharper than titanium metal. These razor-sharp blades provide consumers with the cutting edge to deliver unprecedented levels of trimming accuracy, enabling consumers to look sharp at all times.
Most grooming kits can be difficult to keep clean, as inevitably there are hundreds of tiny hair clippings which can collect around the trimmer. For many trimmers, washing them under the tap can compromise the effectiveness of the blades, reducing their lifespan or causing them to stop working completely. Conveniently the Philips QG3250 does not have this problem. The attachments of this trimmer kits have been designed to be washed under a tap to ensure you get a thorough clean in seconds rather than minutes.
Need to maintain your style whilst traveling? Or is the bathroom mirror too far from the nearest plug socket? Or ever found yourself on the eve of an important event looking helplessly at a battery warning light? With the Philips QG3250 you’ll always be able to look your best when you need it most, wherever you are. The trimmer is fully charged in 10 hour and provides constant power for up to 35 minutes of cordless use.
Sharper edges provide an improved cutting performance for faster and better results.
The Philips QG3250 is designed to make the whole grooming experience is kind to your skin. That’s why this kit has been designed with rounded edges on the blades and combs. By avoiding sharp edges, the trimmer reduces scratching the skin for a more comfortable experience, allowing you to use the trimmer as often as you want, maintaining your style without irritating your skin and provide the ultimate body comfort.

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