PowAir Misting Dome Odour Neutraliser – White – Built in Colour Changing LED Lighting, Remove Household Odours. Timed Odour Control


  • ODOUR CONTROL: The PowAir Misting dome, when combined with a diluted solution of PowAir Liquid will distribute a pleasant fragrance and remove any unwanted odours from the surrounding area.
  • LED LIGHTING: The Misting Dome comes with built in LED Lighting. You can choose one of eight available colours or let the misting dome slowly cycle through all the available colours continuously.
  • RELAXING: The Misting Dome will create a relaxing atmosphere in your home, with soothing lighting and the wonderful fragrances of PowAir!
  • TIMER MODE: Control how long you would like your Misting Dome to run for, with options for continuous mode, 1 hour of misting, 3 hours of misting or 5 hours of misting.
  • POWAIR LIQUID: Use the PowAir Misting dome with a diluted solution of PowAir Liquid (sold separately) for complete odour control. PowAir Liquid is available in three fantastic fragrances.
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12 x 12 x 16 cm