RazorPit The Original Razor Blade Sharpener and Razor Case, Great for Travel, Sharpens and Cleans


  • This Blade Sharpener was designed to clean and sharpen your blades and save you plenty of money; Made of Recyclable Materials that are also Approved for Use in the Food Industry
  • Compatible with All Razor Blades, including cartridge blades, disposable blades, and DE safety blades; Sleek and Modern, it’s Better for the Environment by Not Continually Tossing Used Blades in the Bin
  • RazorPit Surface is Soft and comes in close contact with the blade, giveing you a Sharp, Smooth, Comfortable Shave Every Day; Extend the Life of your Razor Blades with the original and exclusive dealer of RazorPit products
  • Removes Build Up from Skin Cells and other microscopic residue that can build up on your razor blade after shaving; includes a patented friction technology to Clean and Sharpen Blades
  • Our users report getting an average of 6X the Number of Shaves from One Razor Blade after using RazorPit; Saves you up to 90% on Razor Blades because it Eliminates Big Spending on New Blades
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  • 30 day easy returns
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Stop spending all your money on razor blades. This blade sharpener is a great money-saving tool that will also keep your blades fresh and clean for your next shave. The RazorPit Razor Blade Sharpener was brilliantly designed to clean and sharpen your blades and save you plenty of money along with reducing waste. Unfortunately, most razor blades get dull after a few shaves and you end up tossing it in the bin; this isn’t economical or good for the environment. The sharpener uses a patented technology to keep your blades sharp and clean and can give you more shaves than you could ever imagine. Besides keeping your shaving gear in tip-top shape, you’ll save a tremendous amount of money by not constantly running out and buying fresh blades and not overloading the local landfill with used razors. Buy a RazorPit Razor Blade Sharpener today and be a thrifty shaver who does their part in waste reduction.
Thermo plastic elastomer, polypropylen

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