reer 21 Piece Child Safety Kit – Child Safety Experts for Cabinets, Drawers, Sockets, Corners, Doors, Includes Child Safety Guide


  • All-round safe: 10 socket protectors, 3 multi-fuses, 4 corner protectors, 3 door stops. Enough material to secure a room
  • Easy assembly, secure hold: all fuses can be easily mounted and ensure a secure hold on cabinet doors, drawers, fridge, sockets and more.
  • Protects against dangerous substances: secures cupboards and drawers from your baby with toxic cleaning agents, knives, scissors and other dangerous substances.
  • Protects against clamping and squeezing: the door stoppers and cabinet locks (multi-fuses) prevent your child from getting their fingers stuck on doors, cupboards or drawers.
  • Protects against power accidents: with the socket protection for gluing reer – the original from the inventor since 1975.
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Just crawled, now already on their own feet: the first steps are a great moment for the little world explorers. Toddlers acquire new skills day by day and want to discover their living environment. As the age grows, the mobility and the radius of action of the child grow, but thus the dangers and risks. Sometimes it seems that they are magically attracted to everything that is not suitable for them. Whether sockets, cupboards or drawers filled with sharp objects – everything is explored and taken closely under the magnifying glass. So that the little ones can explore their home independently, the practical safety set from reer has helped the experts in child safety since 1922. Includes 10 x socket protectors, 3 x multi-fuses, 4 x corner protectors, 3 x door stops, 1 x safety booklet.
10 x socket protection; 3 x multi-fuses; 4 x corner protection; 3 x door stops; 1 x safety booklet (English language not guaranteed).

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20 x 10 x 10 cm; 320 Grams