Relaxdays Catch and Release Live Mole Trap, Adjustable Length, Check Openings, Humane, Plastic, Black


  • Mole control: Thanks to this animal trap, you must no longer deal with pesky moles ruining your garden
  • Live trap: With this tunnel trap, you can get a hold on moles alive and well and then carry them elsewhere
  • No escape: The plastic flaps can only be opened to the inside – Moles stay trapped
  • Adjustable: Consists of 2 parts – Simply put together in the desired length
  • Details at a glance: There are 2 openings through which you can check whether or not you got lucky
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  • 30 day easy returns
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Should you ever find yourself conflicted because you like moles and don’t want to hurt them, but still have to protect your precious lawn, then worry no longer: This trap has got you covered. The little bugger can get inside the tube, but won’t leave on his own, as the flaps only open to the inside. Thanks 2 openings in the tunnel, you can easily check whether or not you’ve made a catch. This is a live trap, so don’t worry: the furry little fella is not going to be harmed at all. Simply take the tunnel apart carefully and set him free elsewhere. Catch and Release Live Trap Details • Diameter: app. 5.5 cm • Adjustable length: app. 25, 26, 27 cm • Material Plastic (PP) • Weight: approx. 120 gMole Control Tunnel• Flaps can only be opened inwards • Catch moles alive and unharmed • 2 Openings for checking • Weatherproof material for garden use • Adjustable lengths • Take apart in the middle and set moles free
Correct Usage• Bury in the ground horizontally – Cover with a thin layer of soil• Check the trap at least once daily to prevent unnecessary stress and starvation• Place 3 to 5 due to the large territory moles roam• You can use a worm as bait• Never clean with detergents, as this repels moles
Included in Delivery• 1 x Mole Trap • Decorative items shown in product photos are not included
1 x Mole Trap

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