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Salvequick Refill 6735 for Dispenser – Pack of 35 Detectable Plasters

  • Suitable refill for the Salvequick-dispenser
  • Dimension: 1,9 + 2,5 x 7,2 cm

Salvequick blue detectable plasters are specially designed for use in the food industry where ‘blue items’ Are required by food hygiene legislation. Blue plasters are recommended, as there are no natural food products of this colour, so are the easiest to spot if they become loose and fall off during the sometimes intensive processes used in production. The adhesive bandages also contain a metal strip which will be detectable by most metal detectors used within the food industry. The plasters are allergy tested and are suitable to use with Salvequick Pilfer proof Plaster Dispenser.
35 x detectable surgical strips

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Safety First Aid Group


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