SEAC Apnea, Freediving Computer + USB cable for data download


  • MSST function: (minimum suggested surface time)
  • Dive/ascent speeds, temperature, total dive time, and depth, all on the same screen.
  • LCD screen with adjustable contrast and backlighting intensity.
  • Illuminated and sound alarms can be deactivated

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Seac APNEA is the new wrist mount computer, entirely dedicated to the world of freediving and spearfishing. In an LCD screen with adjustable contrast and backlighting, Seac APNEA shows all the important data during the session in the water, in a perfect size that makes it the best readable instrument in its category. The important data during the dive, such as descent speed, ascent speed, temperature, dive time, surface time and depth, are complemented by other data such as fresh or salt water setting and average dive values. The MSST function automatically calculates the minimum recommended surface recovery time, also alerting the freediver when it’s time to hydrate. On the Seac APNEA computer you can disable all alarms, visual and audible, while maintaining a continuous control of the session. The recorded dive sessions can be viewed directly on the computer, or downloaded via USB cable to your PC/Mac thanks to the Seac dive manager software, available for free on the Seacsub website. Seac APNEA is available with silver satin finish or black High Resistance (HR version) finish for more protection in case of scratches or bumps.

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