sera UV-C system – High-Performance UV-C Water Clarifier Against Green Water, An Algae Killer of Germs, Parasites and Algae Physically Reduced – Completely Without Chemicals – UVC or UV-C Clarifier


  • Dimensions device without connector: approx. (L x W x H): 420 x 160 x 165 mm
  • Connections with diameter: 20/25/32/40 mm
  • Empfohl end circulation: 2,000 – 4,000 L/H
  • Keeping in the water gardening for aquariums up to 1,000 litres
  • And for garden ponds up to 8,000 L

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UV-C water Suitable for fresh water, sea water and pond waterThe Sera UV-C systems are wide range of uses, super heavy duty and are suitable for use on ponds and aquariums. UV-C light is on top of the compost is not protective against, but is pure space radiation. On this hard radiation could no from over the course of evolution fit, neither pathogens (bacteria, viruses and fungi), parasites even spread stages thread algae. It makes use of some of them are with UVC systems, and enhanced by whose use in, close the filtration the living conditions and the health of your Aquarientiere. Bacterial Water turbidities and green water in ponds effectively preventede systems bestrahlen in your inner over running water briefly with UV-C radiation. The products have a UV-C emitting light, which changes from a high quality quartz glass tube protected and is to Bestrahlenden water Umflossen. The water Step Through A connection and due to their opposite from the Toy. This cymbal stand multi adaptor allows the connection of various hose diameter. The trading of a particularly effective, pl, UV-C light easy to install. The end with hose connectors easily pivot so that connected hoses as short as possible can be held. The systems is available according to your needs in a variety of sizes (see chart). You will be connected to a pump with the suitable performance via a tube. The UVC systems are equipped with especially energy-saving lights and careful electronic ballast. The UVC system 24 W and 55 watt come with 10 metre cable geliefert UV-C System 24 W – areas of application and volume – Dimensions in mm (in.)TypeRecommendedCirculationFreshwaterSea waterPondG

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