*Skipping Rope, Jumping Rope with Conducive and Thick Foam Handle. Easily adjustable without cutting and with 4mm Stainless Steal Rope


  • *EASILY ADJUSTABLE* Major advantage over other kinds of rope is that the excess rope can be stored in the handle. Unlike most Skipping Ropes, cutting is not required
  • *FOAM HANDLE* Another big advantage!! Handle is foamy & comfortable. Your hands will not hurt while working out
  • *THICKER HANDLE* Handle is thicker than most rope. Good feeling of holding something tangible while using the rope, which helps longer workout experience
  • *STAINLESS STEEL ROPE + TOUGH PLASTIC COVER* The rope is made with stainless steel covered with a very tough plastic. 4mm thick unlike most ropes, 2mm. Does not split easily
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Frayoo skipping rope has been carefully and well-thought taking into consideration customers’ feedback. It comes with all the features that users would like to see in a perfect skipping rope which will assure good experience and comfortable work out. The length of the rope is 3m but can be easily adjusted (shortened) without cutting the rope. You simply put the excess rope inside the handle. whenever you want to re-adjust the length, you simply open the handle and pull out the required length. This makes this rope suitable for all irrespective of your height. Very big advantage over other ropes which you have to cut to adjust and will not be able to re-adjust again. The handle of the rope is covered with very conducive foam, making handling of the rope very comfortable and never painful for your hand no matter how long being used. The rope itself is also thicker and stainless steel (4mm) unlike most rope that is only 2.8mm. This guarantees that the rope does not worn out easily. When you handle some rope, the handle is so thin than you hardly feel you are holding something. Frayoo skipping rope not only come with foamy handle but the handle is also thicker, giving you firm and strong feeling when you are holding it and working out.

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