Skipping Rope Spare Replacement Cable for Crossfit, Fitness and Boxing by VELITES | 1.8 mm diameter steel | For Athletes and Competition | Compatible with other brands.


  • THE BEST COMPETITION CABLE: The 1.8 mm competition cable from Velites is specially designed for Crossfit athletes and competitions. Together with the Vropes Fire 2.0 crossfit rope you will be able to beat your brands in competitions. It is also perfect for triple-jumping.
  • DURABILITY AND SPEED: At Velites, we qualify this cable with medium durability and medium speed. We recommend its use on non-abrasive surfaces.
  • FOR ALL TYPES OF STATURE: The cable has a total length of 3.5 metres. It is therefore suitable for all types of people and heights, including people over 2 metres high. You only need a pair of pliers to adjust and cut properly.
  • SAFETY ACCESSORIES: The cable comes with several accessories for added safety during the jump. Plastic plugs prevent possible injury with the steel cable and the safety stoppers prevent the cable from slipping off the rope by accident.
  • Compatible with other brands: This cable is designed for use with our Vropes Fire 2.0 crossfit rope However, it is compatible with other brands with a cable diameter of 2.0mm.

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Replacement cable for 1.8 mm grey competition rope for Vropes Fire 2.0. Replacement cable for 1.8 mm Velites Sport competition cable is specially designed for athletes and competition environments. It is compatible with the Velites Vropes Fire 2.0 skipping rope. It is also compatible with other CrossFit or boxing jump ropes. Important: Make sure to measure the diameter of the hole passing through the CrossFit skipping rope. The diameter must be 1.8 mm or greater for you to use this cable. Attention : This cable has high performance with a low durability, therefore we recommend that its use is restricted only to competition. Find your cables for speed ropes, training ropes and competition ropes, perfect for your double jumps. Depending on how you will use your CrossFit skipping rope, one cable will be better for you or another. For example, if you are a CrossFit athlete and have total proficiency of double jumps, the 1.8 mm competition cable will help you to beat your marks and even master triple jumps. You’ll notice the difference and you will improve your CrossFit double jump quickly. For optimal performance and balance, we advise using this cable with the Velites Vropes Fire 2.0. If you have a Velites, Vrope Fire 2.0 or Vrope Earth skipping rope, with these tips you will choose the training or competition cable that best suits your needs: 4 mm green cable: Designed for training and developing muscles. High durability and low speed. Not compatible with Vropes Fire 2.0. 2.5 mm red cable: Designed for beginners. Medium durability and medium speed. 2 mm yellow cable: Designed for double jumps. Medium durability and high speed. 1.8 mm competition cable: Designed for athletes and competition. Low durability and very high speed.

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