Söll 14488 TITAN T50 Filter


  • Single filter for ponds up to 49.21 yrd (45 m) ³
  • Ready for connection of a UV Klärers
  • With heart technology

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Titanium T50 Filter technology with Heart Teichdurchlauffilter
inspired by nature according to the model of the natural sponges of it is with Heart ® succeeded in a unique combination of filter area and rate of flow at generieren. it may be a varied Microbiology Develop reliable for effective reduction of Schadund Trübstoffen ® Heart and there is thus not only mud and fibres, but to be microscopically fine Particles reducing.
as veteran Technologieführer and specialists in the field of microbiology has Söll on the required competence and experience in order to be able to offer optimal Filter that this method is as simple as it is ingenious-bionisch standard filters are developed with the geometries of live sponge Filtrierern the best of nature on this maximum nachempfunden. Durchtrittsfläche may be responsible for the establishment and breaks down pollutants competent micro-organisms vermehren. at the same time, the rate of flow quaility is reduced so that the bacteria not be rinsed and their full effect case.
at the same size, improvements in performance of approximately 300% verwirklicht.
whether the environmental aspect has a Particular importance because Heart ® weaker pumps may be used, which is significantly less electricity use of energy.

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