Small Size 2 Wheel pet Wheelchair, Adjustable Dog Wheelchair Walk Assistant cart kit for 16~26cm Back Legs, 2 to 7kg Handicapped Small cat Dog Puppy to Walk


  • ❤ Adjustable dog wheelchair ❤ – Our 2-wheel dog wheelchair width adjustable range is 12~18cm; Height adjustable range is 16~26cm; Lenghth adjustable range is 20~40cm; Small dog wheelchair weight adjustable range is 2 to 7kg dog.
  • ❤ Multi-position leg sling system ❤ – Every Pet Is Different In Leg Length So We Designed Our Wheelchairs With A Multi-Position Leg Sling System. There Are Three Different Positions Allowing You To Set The Best Position For Your Pet. Leg Slings Have Thick Neoprene Pads For Comfort And Greater Support.
  • ❤ Veterinarian recommended ❤ – Our wheelchairs are adjustable so you can easily fit it to your pet by using our step by step instruction manual on videos. We not only have a superior quality pet wheelchair; it is attractive and appealing to the eye and stands out above all the rest. Pet wheelchairs will let your elderly, disabled or special needs pet be active, run, play and get the needed exercise he or she needs to live a happier healthier life.
  • ❤ Easy to store, transport, and clean ❤ – Our Small dog wheelchairs can fit easily into your car when your family travels or to conveniently store when not in use. Additionally, all of the pet wheelchair parts are washable including the foam/rubber wheels making it easy to clean.
  • ❤ How to measure you pet ❤ – You must measure your pet to find what size wheelchair will fit your pet. 1) To measure the width: Measure your pet’s rear; middle and front just behind the front legs. 2) To measure the length: Measure from the rear thigh to the front leg. 3) To measure the height: Your pet must be standing in a natural position or if paralyzed held up in this position. Measure from the ground to your pet’s back top. Write down measurement.
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Weight 1.2 kg

Anmas Box


‎38 x 20 x 25 cm; 1.2 Kilograms