Spermidine Autophagy Supplement | Buckwheat Sprout Flour | 60 x 400mg Capsules


  • INDUCE AUTOPHAGY: Spermidine is natural polyamine which supports cellular renewal and recycling process also known as Autophagy.
  • STRONGER HAIR & NAIL GROWTH: Spermidine has been shown in studies to lengthen and strengthen hair and keep it in the growth (anagen) phase for longer by upregulating the expression of Keratin.
  • SHORTCUT TO AUTOPHAGY: It usually takes around 24 hours of fasting for autophagy to be activated, however Spermidine can shorten this time when take.
  • INCREASED BIOAVAILABILITY: Our formula is designed for superior bioavailability.
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Spermidine is a natural polyamine found in our award-winning supplement, which originates from buckwheat sprouts and contains the highest concentration of Spermidine found in any food source. The supplement is sourced from Austria and contains a concentration that is 350% higher in Spermidine compared to Wheatgerm-derived Spermidine. This product is gluten-free. The concept of autophagy and its regulation has been a topic of interest in relation to the aging process and promoting longevity. Some communities, such as the Okinawans, have a tradition of consuming a diet rich in polyamines.
Buckwheat Sprout Flour (gluten-free) containing natural Spermidine, Magnesium Stearate, Microcrystalline Cellulose.

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