Starborn Golden Tektit Lybian Desert Glass 25-50 Carat, One Piece


  • Libyan Desert Glass, also called Golden Tektite, is a rare and beautiful tumbler found only in the Sahara desert, scattered between shifted sand dunes, its limited stock and unusual golden colour make this mysterious tektite both valuable and collectible.
  • Libyan Desert Glass is a naturally occurring tectit or tumbler glass, about 29 million years old found in the remote desert near East Libya and West Egypt.
  • Within the glass are rare occurrence of high temperature minerals, including a special form of quartz called Cristobalite.
  • Each golden tektite is natural and unique – each piece differs due to the natural variations of the shape.
  • This listing is for a genuine 20-50 carat libya desert glass similar to the photo and is supplied in an elegant white frame.
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Genuine Lybian Desert Glass from 25-50 carat, One Piece

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9.91 x 9.7 x 2.39 cm; 32 Grams