Supa Koi Silkworm Pupae, 3 Litre Bucket | A Highly Nutritious 100% Natural Protein Rich Treat Food For Koi And Other Pond Fish


  • Supa Koi Silkworm Pupae 3 Litre (Pack of 1) is a 100% natural nutritious protein rich food that Koi easily digest and produces rapid growth & enhances the condition of the Koi’s skin.
  • Silkworm Pupae can be fed either as a part of the Koi’s daily diet up to a maximum of 25% of the total food volume or as a “daily treat”.
  • It is recommended that you do not feed Silkworm Pupae to Koi when the water temperature drops lower than 18°C due to the high protein and fat content of the pupae.
  • To aid the digestion ability of your Koi further, put the pupae in warm water for 30 minutes before feeding to soften the pupae.
  • The resealable 3 Litre plastic bucket avoids waste & mess and keeps the feed fresh.

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Silkworm Pupae is a highly nutritious treat and is designed to supplement the Koi’s diet. The Pupae are a rich source of protein, vitamins and minerals and other essential fatty acids. Koi should not be overfed Silkworm Pupae – only give them what they will readily consume. Silkworm Pupae should not be fed at water temperatures lower that 18 degree Celsius. Available in a 3 litre pot.
Silkworm Pupae

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