Swiffer Dry Dust Cloths, 63 Dry Cloths, Catch and Trap Dust and Dirt, Great for Animal Hair, for All Types of Floors, Maxi Size


  • Captures and blocks dust, dirt and hair
  • 63 replacement floor cloths (broom sold separately)
  • The cleanliness you want in the time you have available
  • Effective on virtually all floor surfaces without leaving residue
  • Wrap the cloth on the Swiffer Broom, the 360° head manages to get under the bed, sofa or sideboard
  • Great for collecting animal hair
  • Refills made from 100% recycled synthetic fibers; fully recyclable packaging
  • International Express shipping available
  • 30 day easy returns
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Swiffer Replacement Cloths are optimal for use with the Swiffer Broom to capture and trap dirt, dust and hair on any surface of the house, 3 times better than a traditional broom. They can also be used to complete the vacuum cleaner as they collect the remaining thin dust, or as an intermediate cleaning tool, to avoid having to clean deep too frequently. How is it possible? Why do they manage to do this? The thickness and special texture, combined with the active electrostatic action, allow you to capture dust and lock it inside the cloth. In addition, the 360° swiffer brush head allows you to clean anywhere, even hard-to-reach areas such as surfaces under the refrigerator, cooker and dishwasher, under beds and sofas, or corners and edges where brooms or rags do not always arrive. With Swiffer cloths, cleaning has never been so quick and easy. Helpful Tips: They are particularly suitable for collecting animal hair, since most of them constantly lose them, or for those suffering from dust allergy. Swiffer cloths can be used on all hard surfaces including: linoleum with or without wax, vinyl, ceramic floors and treated wood.

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