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Televes – Amp. Mas. 12. 24 V 3E/1S u-vmix-fimix Uses

  • Frequency 470 – 862 MHz
  • Gain of 30 dB with 107 dBµV output
  • Power consumption: 45 mA
  • On/Off switch to the previous Tele DC pass allows power

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amplifiers of mast 3 inputs/1 Output uhf-vhf-fi nanokom g series 30 dB filter with LTE. Ref. TELEVES 561601 enables the user to select the desired level of output amplifier. The device automatically adjusts at the time, adapting to the variations of the signal received. It has a very small size and low noise figure and an ergonomic design for easy mounting. Features:Optimized for the whole UHF band channel 21 to 60ct the level of output via Potentiometer and the system automatically monitors the signal receivedrporates on/off switch LTErporates on/off step switch of DCoved performance of the noise figure (NF).

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