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Urban Sprawl Board Game

  • The player with the most Prestige will be crowned the winner
  • Tons of replay value
  • Playing Time: 180 mins
  • Ages 12 +
  • 2-4 Players


In stock

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Urban Sprawl abstractly models the growth of a town into a thriving city into a teeming metropolis. Players assume the roles of entrepreneur, tycoon and politician — each helping in the development of a hypothetical “Anywhere, USA.” Wealth and Prestige will be earned and spent throughout the game. Buildings will rise only to later be demolished for better and larger fare.
1 Game board
4 player mats
144 wooden cubes in four player colors
4 wooden cylinders in four player colors
1 orange wooden pawn
54 Cards in the Building Permit deck
37 Cards in the Town deck
37 Card in the City deck
37 Cards in the Metropolis deck
144 buildings Tiles
24 Vocations Tiles
6 Politicians Tiles
1 Contractor Tile
6 Wealth Marker Tiles
3 Prestige Marker Tiles
1 Active Player Marker Tile
1 Extra Favor Marker Tile


Brand: GMT Games


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