wasserkaskaden – Fulda Granite Waterfall, Grey/Green, 60 x 41 x 8 cm


  • Fulda granite waterfall, stream type: GRP rock measurements: 63 x 42 x 8 cm, max pump capacity 4500l, compatible with rock-effect Fulda range e.g. the 3-piece set or source
  • rock-effect
  • compatible with granite-effect Fulda pieces
  • max 4500l/h
  • watercourse source measurements per piece: length approx 63 cm, width approx 42 cm, height approx 8 cm

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The Fulda range for small and medium installations up to a pump capacity of 4500l/h. Made from GRP. Compatible with all other pieces from the Fulda range in granite (grey/green) GRP (glass reinforced plastic) waterfalls product benefits: UV-proof, heat and frost resistant No emptying when not in use. Natural stone-effect surface No erosion or wash-out Easy construction – all products from the same range are compatible. The waterfalls are made in Germany from GRP (glass reinforced plastic). The natural stone effect is created by a special process that involves no sanding or coatings on the product so that the surface of the waterfall cannot be washed-out or eroded. They’re easy to clean and can be installed in any direction, without any special foundations. Due to the special properties of these materials, the waterfalls can withstand heat and frost (+80 – -40°C) as well as UV-rays. Any variations in colour are intended, as they highlight the natural look of the product. They can be combined and extended. All you need is a water reservoir (pond, pool or similar) The waterfall bowls should be installed level so that water stays in the bowls even when the pump is turned off.

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