Wire Connectors, 37Pack Electrical Connector Blocks, Compact Wire Connectors Wire Clamp Terminal Block, Splicing Connectors Lever Nut Connector Assortment for Solid, Stranded, and Flexible Wire Cables


  • A PERFECT SOLUTION FOR CONNECTING WIRES- Even though the cable conductors were made with a lot of very-fine strands, these Fast Wire Connector held them tightly, and Wire Connector allowed you to use just 1 connector to create parallel drops to speakers from a single source cable. Other lever nuts or push-connectors would have required a separate connector for each wire.
  • Top connector for fast wiring jobs! : Super convenient making a stranded wire connection with a solid one. Simply pop up the levers and pull the wires out. No tools required. Easy to insert wires for secure connection and also easy to raise press down levers if wiring changes are desired. Way better than soldering or crimp connectors.
  • For Secure, Reusable, Wire Connectors!: You can disconnect single cables for troubleshoot or to make changes in the wiring. Using conventional wire nuts are OK if you never have to remove a device, but after connecting and re-connecting a few times the strands get twisted and bent. The electrical connector levers do nothing to damage the wires and holds it super secure.
  • SOLID CONTACT, GRIP REALLY WELL -These reusable connectors have good springs on the levers which very positively grab and hold the inserted wire. The wire clamp terminal block release easily when the lever is lifted. The conductors lever nut springs are strong enough that the clips will never open accidentally – you have to really pull on the levers to get them to release.
  • WELL ORGANIZED FINAL PROJECT LAYOUT: These lever wire nut connectors are nice and compact, the signal is great going through it, and you can change out components without soldering or crimping. They work with most every gauge of normal household wiring: pontoon boat lights, radio, speaker extensions , horn, and switches, as well as by Van radio
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WHY HEAT CRIMP OR SOLDER WHEN THIS IS SO EASY! Excellent option for connecting spare circuits that might need rework/repair or just the removal of spare components. Easiest Splice Ever Easy, Fast, and Secure! This wire connectors fits practically anywhere and with just the lever action you made yourself a secure connection that won’t buckle or move out of place. Solves And Age-Old Wiring Problem Better than the screw type junctions, will never let go of the wires! No screwing, no twisting of wires, no wrapping around, no slips! Connect any combination of solid, stranded, and flexible copper wires faster and more reliably. No need for screwdrivers with the quick release/cable clamp system Beats wire nuts and tape The quick terminal block wire connector work with almost every gauge of normal household wiring: ceiling fans, sockets, switches, cars, motorcycles, ships, loudspeakers, lamps, electrical boxes, chandeliers, light switches, fan controls, and much more. Hold Cables Securely And Safely Selecting the best flame retardant insulating material modified nylon PA6.6, which is long life, no corrosion, anti-aging, pressure 4KV, and against electrical shock. Can work at 105°C stable and continuous. 6 Types of Lever Connectors Nut Meet Numerous Wiring Requirements 10 x SPL-1 Orange terminal connectors 10 x SPL-1 Blue terminal connectors 5 x 2 in 2 out Lever Wire nut 5 x 3 in 3 out Wire nut 4 x 2 in 4 out Wire nut 3 x 2 in 6 out Wire nut

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