Australian Gold Dark Side 250 ml


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Australian Gold Dark Side 250 ml.
Top quality 30-fold “relentlessly dark bronzing lotion”.
A balanced combination of natural bronzer, macadamia oil and concentrated DHA for a beautiful, smooth, brown colour. The “Colour Alliance Blend” (black truffle and white tea extracts) purifies and hydrates the skin, so your colour lasts longer. This formula, which among other things contains calcium and potassium, improves the condition of the skin and helps to counteract skin ageing. Hemp seed oil (with Omega 3 and 6) improves skin elasticity. Saffron oil and olive oil, vitamins A, E and pro-vitamin B5 help to ensure a smooth, shallow, young and eye-catching skin. With ATO, so that you can smell deliciously fresh after sun bathing. Bourbon Berry scent contains blackcurrant, musk, bourbon, vanilla and fruit elements.

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