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Bio Green WP 030-060 warming plate The Bio Green warming plate (30 cm x 60 cm) is a plug-in unit for easy use. The hot plate particularly has uniform heat. Through this, you achieve excellent seed results. Place it just like a heating pad under the sowing shell. Seedlings or young plants will have the mild warmth they need for a successful culture. The hot plate is also perfect for winter, your plants or terrariums. Ready to use, practical and flexible For great germination results in plant breeding, even in cooler rooms: The waterproof heat plate is particularly suitable at 5-10°C to increase the soil temperature in the root zone with respect to the ambient temperature. Also suitable for cuttings or for promoting the growth of susceptible plants such as orchids. Available in three sizes Adjust the size of the heat plate to your needs: There are practical helpers in sizes 25 cm x 35 cm (WP 025-035) or even 40 cm x 65 cm (WP 040-065). The Bio Green heating panels are waterproof and flexible. Provide for rapid plant growth, no matter the size. Great in combination with the thermostat TER 2 For great growth conditions, we recommend the thermostat TER 2 with a remote sensor as an accessory. This allows the optimum temperatures for different sowing to be regulated easily and accurately. Product Features Improved germination Fast and strong plant growth Can be rolled up Available in 3 different sizes Can be used with or without thermostat Splash-proof Ready to plug in

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WP 030-060